For some of our animals we are a temporary soft landing spot, a safe place to get well and they will hopefully find a forever loving home. Others will live their days at the rescue being loved and cared for by our volunteers. These are some of our animal’s stories.

Elsa and her puppies

Elsa was an unwanted Christmas present. We believe she is a Pyrenees poss. Lab cross. A friend took her in but couldn’t keep her with 2 other dogs and other things going on like new house and new job. January 18th, 2024 she gave birth to 4 beautiful puppies. she had 2 boys and 2 girls. Our volunteers agreed to name them after exotic rare cars. The 2 boys are named Rolls Royce Phantom and Drakan Spyder. The two girls are Lotus and Pantera. All 4 have potential approved furever homes. Elsa will stay at the rescue with our other Pyr and be trained to protect our rescued farm animals from any potential predators.


Lotus and Draken have been adopted. Pantera and Phantom adoption pending.

Amazon Wishlist for Elsa and her pups


Rufus’ previous owner thought she was doing what was best for him. She took him in to prevent him from going to the shelter. Unfortunately him being a larger playful puppy and her being up in age didn’t mix. He is a Pyrenees mix. She reached out to many places for help. No one had the room for sweet Rufus. He would ultimately end up at the local shelter as an owner surrender. The shelter was full and owner surrenders are the first on the euth list. She saw a post I made about our rescue and reach out to me to save Rufus. How could I say no to that cute face? She also had to leave the state to help a sick family member. Rufus came to the rescue and after a few days I’m happy to report Rufus has been adopted! He was around 6 or 7 months old when he came to us and will now has a bright future ahead of him! We still get to see him daily as one of our supporter’s son adopted him.


Sasha is everyone’s favorite. She is an American Bully. She was a puppy when we took her in. Her previous owners were moving and the new place had a limit of 3 dogs they had 4 so they had to give up 1. She has stayed as our Mascott and a great ambassador for the breed. She was adopted by our Board President and trained to be her service dog but unfortunately due to Sasha’s knee issues and hips she was retired early. She will always have a furever home. Sasha puts a smile on everyone’s face she meets. she loves being center of attention and knows when someone needs a hug or some kisses. Her favorite things to do are snoring loudly while sleeping, being goofy, getting attention from everyone and begging for food. One of her funniest traits is she always has her tongue sticking out sleeping and awake.

Woody and Ivy

Woody and Ivy were 2 yr old Quarter Horse Ponies. When their owner was diagnosed with terminal cancer I made a promise to keep them together and take care of them. Their owner has since passed and they have come to stay at the rescue. they have been with us for over almost 2yrs now. They have been started under saddle and hopefully be able to be used in a future therapy and education program.


Brownie came to us when we were just starting around 2016. She is now estimated in her late 20s. A good friend of mine gave her to us. She was given to him with her mule baby. She was in rough shape. Now she’s enjoying her retirement. The scar across her muzzle is because her previous owner kept a halter on her all the time and it became too tight.
Left to right Ellie, Eclipse and Brownie. Ellie was given to us to be pasture mate to Brownie so she wouldn’t be lonely. Unknown to us at the time Ellie was pregnant with Eclipse. 4.5 months later Eclipse was born on the farm. Funny thing is Brownie stole Eclipse and wouldn’t let Ellie near him. We had to build a paddock just for Ellie and Eclipse. Brownie would stand there all day looking over the fence watching Eclipse. Now that Eclipse is older Brownie and him are like 2 peas in a pod, you can always find one by looking for the other.


Clarice was the only red Baldie in a herd of black Baldies. a Baldie is an Angus Hereford cross. they are called Baldies because they have white faces while their bodies are usually either red or black. The other cows picked on her when she was a calf. They wouldn’t let her eat and drive her further into the woods. The farmer was worried she’d be attacked by predators. We’ve had Clarice for around 3 years now. Adopted staying at rescue until fencing built at new home.

Tank and Christmas

Tank and Christmas. Tank lost his mother when he was only a couple days old. We had gotten Christmas when she was a few weeks old. It is believed she was a twin and her mother rejected her. She was found all alone in the pasture and no one was claiming her. Both were raised as bottle babies. Both have been Adopted! staying at rescue until fence built at new home.


Clyde’s previous owners decided to go another way and instead of raising goats they were going to raise cattle. All the other goats had found homes but since he is a wether (neutered) he was passed up and would have been all alone. Goats are herd animals. Adopted!


Dracula was abandoned as a kitten in a box at a mechanic shop. Thanks to a local non-profit she was spayed and has been with us for over 5 yrs now! She shares a house with one of our other cats Torti who lost her mom due to a dog attack.

Krypto and Spudz

2 Bully Pit Brothers born 7/31/21. Available for adoption to approved homes only. Must have prior breed experience and single dog home recommended, no cats.

Now Microchipping with Fi Nano !!!

We were approved 3/5/24 for the Fi Nano 501c3 shelter and rescue program to help rescued dogs get microchipped. Now all dogs entering our rescue and up for adoption will be microchipped. The great thing about their program is if the owners of our adopted animals cannot be reached in event their pets are lost our nonprofit will be secondary emergency contact and they would reach out to us. This will hopefully help any lost pets have that extra security blanket helping them find their way home.

If you would like to donate a microchip scanner to our rescue I have made a Wishlist of cheap ones to keep in the vehicle for rescue calls and slightly more expensive ones that fellow rescues use in their offices. With this scanner we’d be able to scan any strays or rescues for a microchip and if they have one help them get back to the ones they love.